World Policies How it works Introduction


Let me introduce myself. My name is Roger M. Klang and I am the Defense political spokesman for the Christian Values Party in Sweden. This Podcast is the first in a serial of Podcasts. I wanted to start a Podcast-school for peace loving people. Obviously I am an author on the subject. If you are a bellicose macho man you would probably prefer to skip my school altogether. If you are bellicose and macho I’d just like to say, have a nice life and bon voyage! I have spent thousands of hours on my projects. This series is an educational, advanced but yet somewhat simplified school for political science studies either on your own or at your university. I see this channel as a continuation of my project in the form of my two books called ’Caught up in the game’, a series with 488 pages per book. I can tell you, it’s never been done since Carl von Clausewitz wrote the book Vom Kriege, or in English, On War. That book was published in 1832-34. And my books wouldn’t have been done if it wasn’t for the Internet. My books include everything from submerged warfare to space technology, tactics on the ground in the air and on the sea, operational methods, strategy, geo-strategy and grand-strategy. They cover every aspect I can think of, but they are written in my native Swedish language. If you wish to help me translating them, please contact me.

I want to prevent the major modern empires, i.e. the US and China, from exploiting your continent or country by feeding you storytales about dual gain in extraction of natural resources, trade and affairs. If you know what is going on in the world you will get a better and/or a more realistic negotiative position. Knowledge is power! They are not going to hand you their knowledge. But I will!

You will need to buy some study literature in the form of the annual book CIA WORLD FACTBOOK and a good Atlas. I recommend poor men and women to purchase them at an Antiquarian. The CIA WORLD FACTBOOK is a book published annually by the CIA and it must be made available to the public under US law. The CIA WORLD FACTBOOK 2018-2019 is on 1,120 pages, but only costs around 17 US dollars in a regular book shop. You will also need a ruler to measure with in the Atlas.

In that book, almost all of the worlds countries are included, their background, geography, population, ethnic groups, languages, religion, commodities, natural resources, governance, economics, export products, import products, trading partners, oil production, gas production, telephone systems, airports, railways, military, terrorist associations, border disputes and much more.



Study interesting countries near and far from you in the CIA WORLD FACTBOOK. Get acquainted with the book. When necessary to get a full understanding, look up sites, cities, lakes, rivers, railways etc. in your Atlas. Learn your Atlas features, for instance how you can tell what is a railway in your Atlas or how you will know what distance between two points in your Atlas is in real life. Remember, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to read this book while simultaneously studying an open Atlas by the side. Otherwise you will not learn a thing of value. Diligence is the key to learning! Check out my Podcast;

You will find the often complicated information and the instructions in written form on this my blog and platform,

You study and evaluate by your own! I am not going to be able to reply on every question even if I know the answer. But you can comment on my Podcast here. Tip each others, ask each others questions. If I feel like it I will comment on your comment. And I will comment! But not on demand. I consulted a good friend about my idea of doing a series of lectures on Podcast. He replied; Socrates was a very wise man, only surpassed by Jesus Christ in wisdom. Socrates used to reply to his students questions with questions. Because he wanted to stimulate his students to think and he wanted to learn for himself from the students comeback answers. This created a loop of two-way learning which was very open-minded and dynamic instead of patronizing and dogmatic.

I have decided to try this teaching method for myself.

Peace be with you and see you in a couple of weeks if all goes well! Two weeks will give you sufficient time to purchase the items required for this course.


Roger M. Klang, defense political spokesman for the Christian Values Party (Kristna Värdepartiet) in Sweden