I am nobody from nowhere anytime.

But I am also an ethnic Swede who happens to be a patriot for my own country and in my own country. If you can’t figure out which is my country please consult another teacher.

My coming Youtube-channel is called Beer, strategy and warfare. It is about beer, strategy and warfare. Surprise, surprise! Until then you have to make do with my podcast channel.


Nordic defense cooperation Beer, strategy and warfare

Nils Oscar's India Ale IPA (5.3% ABV) Vs. Brewdog's Punk IPA (5.4% ABV)
  1. Nordic defense cooperation
  2. Hypersonic and supersonic missiles
  3. Hallertauer Zwickel Kellerbier (5% ABV) Vs. Kellerbier (5.9% ABV)
  4. Aass Vellagret Juleöl (9% ABV) Vs. itself
  5. Why there WILL be a major war, and why it’s going to cost a lot of American blood