Mowing the lawn. Lesson nine

Exactly how is Trump going to make America great again? He does not lead through example, that is for sure. What do I mean with that? Well he said that America in the past has been stupid to tell the world what their country’s intentions were.

If you do not take responsibility for what your intentions are, if you do not tell the people what your intentions as a state and as a state leader are, then per definition you cannot lead through example because your people do not have a clue what your intentions are. Ergo, there is no example to follow. Do you see what I mean?

But I lead through example! I tell the world what I intend to do and then I do it. Even a guy like Putin does that. Even Hitler did that. But not Trump, and he is proud of not doing it. Donald, if you are not leading through example you are not leading! And if you are not leading, then you cannot make America great again. It is as simple as that.

I think that every lie and deception springs out of a personal perversion or at least a leniency for a perversion. All the lyings by the so called statesmen of the world is only a cover-up for their personal perversions. Of course there is only one totally perversion free person in history, Jesus Christ. But the lies that come from some persons are much worse than the average liars lies. And when that person is in office it gets bad. If you are in a clinch with and then surrender to Trump, he will screw you over a thousand times if he could make a dime on it. On the other hand if you don’t surrender to Trump he may screw you over anyway, but at least you are standing up. The man has got no honor. He is like emperor Nero. If you are standing up and looking down on his bald spot, he will have you executed. It may be just a tall tale, but watch the figurative similarities, considering both Trump’s and Nero’s decadence.

There are three kinds of world leaders today and always have been. The first kind is someone like Donald Trump who in foreign policy says one thing and does another thing, sometimes simultaneously. This kind of leader consistently shuffle the cards before they are dealt. The second kind of leaders are like Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler. They say what they intend to do and then they do it. But what they do is not God’s will. The third kind of leaders also mediate what they intend to do and then they do it. But what they do is God’s will. The third kind of leaders are rarely existing in the world. And that is remarkable, that good people, of which there are plenty of among ordinary people, apparently finds it hard to make it to the top wherever you have your residence in the world. It makes me wonder what tools successful politicians in general use to make it to the top, and also how they stay in office?

Donald Trump wrote this in his book ”Crippled America” from 2015; ”Does anybody reading this believe that I’m concerned about making other countries feel good? They used to fear us. They used to want to be us. We were respected.”

Thank you for that clarity, businessman Donald! That doesn’t sound like a good business investment. It shows you cannot be trusted, by non-Americans, ever. If you cannot be trusted, who in their right mind, can you strike a deal with outside of America? I can answer the question myself – the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. All others have to prepare for the worst from totalitarian regional or global powers like Russia and China. Unless God intervenes, and strikes a blow to America for embarking on the wrong road, perhaps. We have put a lot of money and some casualties into your country’s war with the Talibans in Afghanistan. For what?


No homework today. But you women, please speak up about where you stand on Trump. I don’t care if you are for him or against him, just speak up. I value your voice. I hope you valued mine.

Roger M. Klang, defense political spokesman for the Christian Values Party (Kristna Värdepartiet) in Sweden