1. Who owns the Internet? Lesson eighteen

I’m not going to hold anyone on the stretch bench, the answer to the headline’s question is the US. We know that the United States can continue with its surveillance of non-American organizations and citizens online without any repercussions.

We don’t have to start a war to outmaneuver the Anglo-American axis dominance. It is sufficient enough to do two things.

i. Follow God’s will.
ii. Build a parallel Internet more free from surveillance.

It is of course no small thing to build an Internet from scratch with all its individual components and networks. But I believe that, together with most northern European countries, we can do that. France, Italy and Spain are also possible collaborators. It depends on what they can participate with. Noone here in Europe should prevent cooperation, between individual American/British academics and the Nordic countries in this project, but unfortunately Britain is too much intertwined with and favored by the United States to be considered as a trustworthy national cooperation partner. I believe that they as a state would rather counteract us than contribute to the realization of the project. This is certain because the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries are excluded from the surveillance that the United States has placed on all other countries including Germany and Sweden.

As for the facts about the US surveillance of the EU, the so-called PRISM surveillance program, we do not know much about it. You can read the following on Wikipedia;

On June 19, 2013, U.S. President Barack Obama, during a visit to Germany, stated that the NSA’s data gathering practices constitute “a circumscribed, narrow system directed at us being able to protect our people”.

Wikipedia does not provide any clues about what and whom the US has been spying on, despite an exhaustive and long, obviously government authorized Wikipedia page – PRISM surveillance program. The government apparently considered it better to forestall than to get caught.

It is known that the German BND (foreign espionage) has used the American spyware XKeyscore (XKS) for analyzing but not collecting data since 2007, and German BfV (domestic intelligence) has used a test version since 2012. So the Germans secret service must have been aware of the until July 2013 secret tools for the US surveillance program. However, they did not say that they approved of the American surveillance of the European Parliament or Angela Merkel and the disclosure of their e-mail.

In May 2015, however, it appeared that much were indicating that the German BND helped the American NSA to committ industrial espionage against European industrial companies. It is therefore close at hand to think that the Americans have been able to monitor mainland Europeans, not so much because the Americans have had technological solutions, but because of the Europeans’ own cooperation with the NSA. The Americans have played European countries on the continent against each other.

We may not even need to build our own internet to stop the Prism surveillance section 702 programs. It may be sufficient to divest European intelligence organizations from cooperating with the NSA, through exposing of the Americans’ methods. But we would still probably benefit by taking technical precautions.

On the 2 of December 2013, the European Commission criticized what it calls ”US large-scale espionage against citizens, businesses and leaders” in Europe. Danish Telenor and Vice Chairman of the Norwegian Storting’s (the government) Control and Constitutional Committee, Michael Tetzschner, is upset by FRA’s (Swedish government organization equivalent to the NSA) surveillance of our neighboring countries.

I would be very surprised if the rest of the world do not do the same kind of work as FRA, and half of the world’s security services work with FRA, including Denmark’s and Norway’s security services. A large part of Russia’s communication with the outside world takes place via Swedish cables. But I do not think that FRA spies on the Storting, there are still no revealing Edward Snowden documents, which speak for Swedish espionage of that kind against friendly nations and especially not Nordic neighboring countries. We are simply better than that. As we say in Sweden when we hope for something not to happen; Pepper, pepper, knock on wood.


Axel Oxenstierna, the Swedish Royal advisor to the very successful 17:th century warrior king Gustav II Adolf, is said to once have made a remark to his son. ”Dost thou not known, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed.”

Do you think the Germans are completely bonkers who helps the NSA spy on businesses in other European countries, or do you think they are just surprisingly stupid? The Germans are the last to be invited to a US turkey dinner! It’s just mindboggling and tiering.

Can you explain how the Germans cannot see how they are working against their own interest?

Roger M. Klang, defense political spokesman for the Christian Values Party (Kristna Värdepartiet) in Sweden

Why Syria. Lesson eleven

This is not the full story about Syria, I make no claim that it is!

Following the ”Arabic spring” we saw the ISIS terror organization grow out of it. It is very hard to keep track on the events in Syria because of the many belligerent participators. The protagonists in the Syrian drama are mainly Israel, the United States, Iran, Russia, Turkey, ISIS, the Syrian forces and later on a couple of rebell groups, all of them with their own agenda. Massive smokescreens have been layed in a fog of war by the participators in order to conceal their true intentions or even their own participation in this war and how.

Turkey’s President Erdogan apologized in a letter to President Putin in June 2016 for the downing of a Russian fighter plane somewhere near the border between Turkey and Syria in November 2015. The pilot was killed, according to Putin’s press spokesman. Exactly on which side of the border the fighter Aircraft was shot down is contested.

The letter opened up for a thawing in the icey relations between the two countries. Putin initiated economic sanctions after the downing of the Russian airplane, and he also ended the Russian people’s extensive traveling trips to Turkey. Millions of Russian tourists visit Turkey every year. For a while, it was debated whether there would come a military clash.

Prior to the downing of the airplane, Russia and Turkey had good relations, both in the economic and the political spheres. It was obvious that for Moscow, as well as for Ankara, it would have become too expensive to continue with hostility. The Russian energy giant Gazprom immidiately declared that it was now ready to re-negotiate the construction of a large gas pipeline to Turkey, following the Turkish apology.

What was still unclear was what effect this approach would have on the war in Syria, where Russia and Turkey reportedly actively supported different sides of the fighting.

Russia could probably have predicted the ”Arab Spring” because of the signs of what was the growing size of general Ghadaffi’s ego which was already before notably large. With a shiny drawn sword and shining armor, the peace prize winner Obama went into action on his chivalrously and loyal steed. Finally, a new world would be created through the domino effect.

The US administration, possibly Obama personally, named the Arabic spring early in the operation or even before it was executed. North Africa and the Middle East would develop into a thriving region with associated economic development, peace, security and freedom. Possibly the issue of Israel would also be resolved and Iran be held back.

But above all, the threat from the Libyan-African Gold currency would be cleared away. Ghadaffi believed that the West would voluntarily pay for oil with gold. He was so greedy that he did not even understand that gold is only available in a very limited amount. He must be taken out of the game. The military operation was led by France and the United Kingdom.

Yet another world than the intended was created. And then our brave knight went on doing the mistake to allow ISIS to grow strong. Not because Obama was evil, but because he wanted to oppose Iran and counter Russia’s and Iran’s converging plans to overthrow Israel, etc. Syria was the chessboard. Europe became the loser in this game, but in the long run I think it will be the US which lose influence.

Russia could claim that the United States of America did nothing and even supplied ISIS with weapons. Think about it for a moment. Why was CIA’s ”Operation Timber Sycamore” kept covert by orders from president Obama if the purpose with the operation was to arm the rebel groups? But the Kremlin didn’t mention the fact that Russia together with Iran plotted to destroy Israel and whip up a massive refugee wave to Europe in order to weaken the to Russia and Iran antagonizing West European regimes. The destroying of Israel didn’t succeed, but the latter went way over expectations.

How can we know it was Russia that bombarded Syria’s infrastructure? That is easy to ascertain. There are reportedly 40,000 Russian citizens in Syria of which most probably are tourists in the unharmed Tartous or Latakia or the rather untouched central Aleppo. In addition, Russia also have a naval base in Tartous and an airbase in Latakia. Both cities were spared from bombardment with cruise-missiles.


Am I right to point out the relationship between Russia and Turkey first, and not bother about the other players interactions cause they have a predictable pattern in their actions? I was thinking that the Russian-Turkish relationship was the only truly volatile relationship that could go either way at the time. But then again the US armed the ISIS terrorists so that they (hopefully) as good Sunni-Muslims would fight the Shia-Muslim Iranians.

Can you come up with a better explanation for the supposedly arming of the ISIS by the US? Was ISIS allowed to continue to exist so that they can pose a threat to the Iranian forces in Syria? I cannot prove that my suspicions are true, but if they are, it was an impressive planning by Obama. I would even be inclined to see it as Obama’s biggest achievement during his eight years in the White House except for his war speech when he received the Nobel Peace Prize, and got away with his war speech and walked away with resounding applause, a gold medal and ten million Swedish crowns or so. It was much like a bank robbery complete with the victims’ Stockholm syndrome and all.

Roger M. Klang, defense political spokesman for the Christian Values Party (Kristna Värdepartiet) in Sweden